OK Consulting

OK Consulting has an international network available and is specialised in importing and exporting goods and services.

We offer multiple services for foreign companies in the German market:
  • Product launch
  • Location decision
  • Business consulting
  • Collection of certifications, contracting, handling of customs clearances
  • Company procurement
  • Logistics
  • Assistance and supervision of fairs and events
Our services for German companies interested in entering foreign markets:
  • Market analysis
  • Customer care
  • Mediacy of contacts
  • Logistics
Our expertise in the fields of consumer goods is as follows:
  • Nutrition, beverages & luxury food
  • Finances
  • Tourism, sports & leisure
  • Media & Entertainment
OK Consulting maintains close relationships to partners in various countries:
  • Germany
  • Northern America (USA and Canada)
  • Eastern Europe (Russia, Kasakhstan, Belarus, Bulgaria and Georgia)
  • Asia (P.R. China, Sri Lanka)